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Automatic Wheel Blast Clean Oilfield Pumps


Wheel blast equipment throws the abrasive with a wheel that has blades. The abrasive is fed to the center of the 3500 rpm wheel and is thrown by the high speed blades against the work to be cleaned. A long lasting abrasive like steel shot is used. Abrasives like aluminum oxide won't last long, and shorten the blast wheel's life. No compressed air is used to throw the abrasive. The blast wheel can throw 15 times more abrasive per horsepower than using compressed air.

Blast Wheel
Blasted Work

Wheel Blast Cabinets

Tumblast Style Spinner Hanger Table Blast
Tumble Blast Hanger Blast Table blast

Small parts are dumped into the tumblast onto a rubber belt. The timer is started and the parts are tumbled in the blast. A timer automatically stops the blast. The tumbling action is fairly slow but not suitable for fragile parts. Load size can be from 1-1/2 to 24 Cubic Feet.

The spinner hanger uses a work tree fixture to hang the parts up, eliminating tumbling damage. The hanger can also more effectively position the parts to the blast. The spinner hanger uses two chambers so that one chamber can be blasting while the other chamber is being unloaded and loaded for a more continuous operation. Many sizes are available.

The table is the most versatile blaster where small and bigger parts can be blasted. Usually the parts will have to be turned over to blast all sides. Hanging type of fixtures can be used to reduce the need to rotate the parts. It also uses a timer for the blast cycle. Sizes vary from 3' to 8' table diameters.


Direct Pressure Airblast Diagram

Airblast Cabinet Pressure Pot System

An airblast cabinet can be used to manually direct the blast and can use an abrasive that will cause less damage if it lodges in the work and comes out later into rotating parts. The airblast cabinets can also have abrasive reclaimers to remove spent abrasive and work dust from the useable abrasive. Pressure pot blasters are more effective than the suction blast styles.


Special Wire Brush Shaft and Keyway Cleaner

Wire Brush Shaft Cleaner


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